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Thai Yoga Massage & Reiki Healing with Angela
Reiki with Angela
Head Massage

Complete our Thai Yoga Massage & Reiki Healing Request Form or contact Angela Bavuso at 781-424-8421 or

to Schedule an Appointment at Open Doors Taunton.

About Thai Yoga Massage

Thai bodywork offers an ancient approach to realigning the body through gentle compressions rhythmically along the muscles and bones. Combining Thai and reiki healing, her sessions offer a cleansing reset for the muscular, skeletal, lymphatic, and circulatory systems while releasing energetic & emotional blockages. You’ll leave relaxed and rejuvenated with the body’s most depleted areas replenished. For more on Thai see below for more benefits!

More Information Regarding Thai Bodywork:
● A fully clothed practice: no need to strip down like typical massage practices, relax in the
comfort of your own clothes! It may be preferable to wear pants or compressed shorts to
comfortably work the groin and inner thigh area. Oil is 100% optional and is not necessary
to receive the benefits of Thai bodywork.
● Stimulation & draining of the lymphatic system: directly correlated with immune system response & function. The lymphatic system must be physically stimulated to flush and
release toxins & buildup. The rhythmic compressions and pulling of Thai bodywork naturally resets nerves and lymph nodes throughout the body.
● Improves operation of circulatory system: similar to how Thai stimulates the lymphatic system, the rhythmic compressions aid in blood circulation throughout the body.
● Relaxes & rejuvenates muscular system: Thai presses into the muscles allowing the muscle to shorten and relax. While it may feel good to stretch a fatigued muscle, this elongates the muscle; pressing into the muscle allows relaxation.
● Improves joint health: Thai works to pull muscles away from bones, reducing inflammation and clearing joint space of debris.

Angela also offers Reiki Services.

Angela Bavuso
Angela Bavuso
Since becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2012, Angela has evolved her practice through many trainings including certifications in Thai massage, pre and post-natal massage, and Reiki energy healing. Angela specializes in pain relief and athletic conditioning, but most enjoys customizing treatments for each individual client. Whether treating physical or energetic restrictions, she looks forward to offering the treatment that best serves you. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit her website at, by email at, or by phone at 781.424.8421.
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